Shop Update Fall 2021

Shop Update Fall 2021

Shop Update Fall 2021

Hi! Wow it has been a WHILE since we last caught up. I hope you're enjoying this new Knotty Cards website. We will still offer a small selection of cards on Etsy for the time being, but the bulk of our line can be found here. 

So what's been going on? Let's recap! The biggest piece of news in our world is that 6 months ago, we welcomed a baby boy to our family. His name is Max. We are slowly but surely figuring out this new life, and it's safe to say we are OBSESSED with him. He's definitely inspiring all kinds of creativity for me when it comes to writing mom and baby cards

In the craziness of parenting, I decided one evening to upload a clip of Brandon putting Max to bed on TikTok and within a couple of hours it went completely viral. Like 10.5 million hits viral. I woke Brandon up at 2am because my phone was blowing up, and we both just watched it keep going. Because of that, we're now working with some baby brands as TikTok micro-influencers. So that's pretty freaking wild. Our TikTok is @LifeisSweeney if you're looking for laughs -- hopefully you'll laugh. If not, I'm sorry.

In a business sense, this move away from Etsy feels very right for us now. With the introduction of their Star Seller program and knowing we could not keep offering Free Shipping for our customers and qualify for that program, we decided maybe it's time to start parting ways. More to come on that decision in a later blog post. We'd have to deep dive into Etsy and all that, and I just can't do it right now. 

Anyway, thank you for following along with this journey. From opening Knotty Cards at a very turbulent time of my life to now launching this site at one of the most exciting points in my life is a truly wild ride. So whether you just got here or you've been here forever, I appreciate you immensely. 

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