Behind The Dog Sympathy Card by Knotty Cards

Behind The Card: Dog Sympathy

Behind The Card: Dog Sympathy


I recently revamped one of our bestselling cards and wanted to share the reason why. Why would I completely change a card that so many people loved when it was selling so well?

Well, for one, I actually hate when this card sells because it means someone's furry friend has left us and that's super sad for me and the entire world. We all need our doggies forever, okay? But when I came up with the initial concept for this card, it was actually the day my mom and dad had to let go of our family golden retriever, Andy. I wasn't there and had already moved out of my childhood home, but it still just hurt. Andy was the perfect dog. Kind and gentle, even with his "babies" and even though he did rip up the kitchen flooring one time when we left him for a couple of hours. Just the best dog. 

So I drew the first version of this card and put it online. 

Knotty Cards Dog Sympathy Card

And it's never changed in 5 years. But life has, and unfortunately that meant saying goodbye to a few other of my favorite dogs. My sister got the biggest Newfoundland I think ever, about seven years ago. She was HUGE. But she was also the laziest dog I'd ever seen. Like this dog would not move if she didn't have to, and she loved just sitting outside. Like literally just sitting there doing nothing. Per usual. But we had to say goodbye to her this past year, and it hurt. She was young to us but old in the "giant" breed. And I wanted to draw her because she was definitely one of the cutest puppies I'd ever seen. Despite her not caring one bit if she pooped in her crate and laid in it. I had to clean it up and I will never forgive her for that. Luckily she was fluffy enough that you could just hug her as much as you wanted. Not like she would ever move even if she didn't like it. 

Newfoundland Dog Photo

That brings me to the last guy on the right side of the new version of this card. Our Ralph. Ralph-a-doo. Ralphie. Ole Ralphie Boy. Brandon brought Ralph into our marriage after finding him in a dumpster as a puppy. The vet at the time believed he had been used to train fighting dogs because he had scars on his little baby ears. Of course, Brandon kept him and moved him all the way down to South Carolina. Some years later, I came into the picture and fell in love with my boy with the perfect head tilt. I also made sure he was eating better food than Ol' Roy. Ralph loved sitting in the sun. He loved being just in eyesight of me while I was working. And every so often he would come over with his big boxy head for some pets then go lounge on our bed again, still keeping me in his eye in case I needed him. My favorite thing about Ralph was that when it was just he and Brandon, he could care less who came to the door. A doorbell ringing would not get him up. But when Ralph came to live with me and I was home alone, if the doorbell rang it was like the world was ENDING. His hair would stand up on his back and he'd growl and snarl at whoever was behind that door. I guess he thought I needed protection, and it was his job since Brandon wasn't there. I loved him. And I still love him. Always will. 

Boxer Dog Photo

So I hope you guys like the new design. I know it's different, but I'm hoping knowing why it's different will make you love it even more. I definitely do. 

If you'd like purchase the updated Dog Sympathy card, you can do so here. We also have Cat Sympathy and a Pet Sympathy for those unconventional friends we also keep near and dear to our hearts. 


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