Cards that Tie People Together

Knotty Cards is run by Casey Sweeney in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. She started writing and drawing funny greeting cards in 2015 and opened shop in her and her husband's one bedroom apartment soon after. Within 24 hours, she sold her first card and was sure someone had mistakenly bought a card and would soon cancel. But they didn't, and they kept selling. People out in the world really thought she was funny. So she didn't stop and let paper and envelopes completely take over the apartment before finally moving into a home with her very own studio, where Knotty Cards is headquartered today. You can also find Knotty Cards in 100+ local boutiques around the United States, a few around the globe as well.
"My favorite part about writing and illustrating greetings cards is that I'm taking these minuscule moments in my life that mean something and applying them to such a bigger sentiment that others can connect with. We all laugh and cry and have these beautiful relationships with the ones we love. I just like that my job is to highlight those special connections." - Casey

Knotty Cards have been seen all over. Here are some of the favorite press features so far:
* STAR Magazine
*Huffington Post
*Huffington Post Canada
*Charleston Magazine 
*Charleston Wedding Magazine
*Hello Giggles

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